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Good Things To Know About Copper Bracelets

Copper bracelets are wonderful additions to any jewelry collection for a number of reasons. They are very beautiful, for one. There is a long-standing belief that copper can give relief from pain, more specifically arthritis pain. No matter what your reason for buying copper jewelry, there are some basic things everyone should know about it

Evidence has been found that ancient Greek people used copper for arthritis pain relief. People who wear copper now believe that small amounts of copper is absorbed into the skin, thereby providing relief not only in the specific spot where the bracelet rests, but all over the body. During the period from the 1940's to 1970's, a few doctors could be found who injected copper salt solutions into patients suffering from arthritis pain. No studies have ever been able to prove that any real pain relief results from treatment with copper, however. Magnetic copper bracelets are sold to provide pain relief coming from increased circulation, due to the magnetic energy causing increased blood flow in the area where the magnetic bracelet is worn. Again, no proof exists that this actually works. If you feel that you do receive pain relief from your copper bracelets, then by all means keep wearing them! You will not only receive that benefit, but you will look great doing it.

I think the best reason to wear copper bracelets is because they look great with so many of today's clothing and jewelry styles. You can wear copper jewelry with anything from sterling silver hoop earrings and dressy evening clothes, to pink cubic zirconia rings and jeans. The beautiful pink color and bluish-green patina blend in well with both silver and gold jewelry. Don't be afraid to mix and match. There are many styles of copper bracelets available, probably the most popular being the cuff bracelet. Cuffs come in many different widths, and can be smoothly polished, or etched with a design. Celtic jewelry collectors will love the many Celtic designs available on copper bracelets.

Copper is very affordable, so that is also one very good reason to head for the nearest copper jewelry counter. Most pieces can be bought for between $10 and $50. I can hear the stampede starting!

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