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Whether or not you have tried sprouting seeds as a low-cost way to grow salad greens, it is now and has always been a cheap route to extra nutrition. Be sure to look for sites that offer client support and where seeds that fail to sprout are replaced without quibble. Sprouts are full of life and energy, and can be added to a range of savory dishes. While they occupy little space initially, you need to remember that your small seeds will expand and take up a lot more room website.

The reason to sprout seeds rather than eat them directlyis that they assume greater nutritional value once they germinate. The seeds themselves are so inexpensive that sprouting seeds really have to be about the cheapest food to be found anywhere. Whether dished up with tofu, as a raw accompaniment to any hot dish or cooked in an oriental stir-fry, sprouts are flavorsome and texture-filled.

The nutrients naturally occurring in all sprouted seeds are, principally, vitamins A, E, C and B. complex vitamins as well as useful minerals and enzymes. To enhance these to a still greater degree, you can add liquid plant food to the water, with the extra benefit of extending the sprouts' shelf life.

Purchasing seeds from a reputable sprouting seeds website is a recommended route, as the potential hazards of inappropriate or toxic seed types are avoided. As a light snack on their own, bulking out a salad or enlivening any stir-fry, sprouts are crunchy, nutritious and green-tasting.

All that needs to be accomplished is a thorough rinsing to commence, then a first soak. Subsequently, drain and rinse twice daily to retain freshness and also to keep the sprouts moist at all times. In warm climatic conditions, sprouts can dry out surprisingly quickly. After a few days, sprouts are mature enough to harvest. Sprouter jars are commercially produced and can be a convenient device, but virtually any jar or tray, if not too shallow, can serve. Importantly, do not seal them in, as, besides water, sprouting seeds need air.