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Budgeting For Your Car Repair

Whether you own an old or a new vehicle, it will require being repaired after some time. Sometimes it can be very stressful when your vehicle breakdowns when you are running out of cash. There are some tips which can help you in budgeting for your car repair.

Checking the car’s warranty

It is important to establish the type of services covered by your car warranty. Car owners are exempted from paying for certain issues which are subject to the warranty. You are advised to purchase an extended warranty for your car. This is considered to be cheaper rather than saving up money for a potential problem that would be rectified in future. Typically, an extended warranty can cover five years.

Researching area mechanics

Researching the area mechanics is a wise decision when you are preparing your car repair budget. This will help you in comparing the different rates charged by the local mechanics for a given service. You should go to a mechanic who will charge you the lowest amount of money.

Investigating the model and make


Most problems are associated with specific models and make of vehicles. You should spend some time investigating the main issues which affect the model and make of your car. Most of these issues are reported to the mechanics by the car owners. For instance, you might find out that a certain model of a car if having frequent problems with its air conditioning or timing belts. This information can greatly help you in looking up for the possible costs needed when repairing certain issues. This is the amount of money that you should budget for. If this money is not used, then it should be used when purchasing a new vehicle.

Reviewing your previous car repair costs

You can also budget based on the history of your car. All the repair bills for the last one year should be collected and then summed up. This amount should be increased as more additional problems are likely to arise as your automobile gets old. This amount should be divided by twelve to determine the monthly savings needed to meet our repair bills. Once this amount is determined, it should be separated from the other cash. This should be done to eliminate the temptation of using this money in buying other times or using it with friends. A saving account can help you in saving money throughout the year to cater for your mechanical issues.